Ajman Arabian Horse Show 2017January 05th - 07th

      D Mumayyazah Gold Champion Yearly filly D Masah Gold Champion Filly D Nawal Silver Champion Mare  D Shallal Bronze Champion Yearling Colt & Highest score in the show  Dubai Arabian Horse Stud Best Farm Award 

Emirates Arabian Horse Breeders 2017

The great tremendous expectations were made true in every sense of the word by Dubai arabian horse stud's spectacular arabian horses . D Safiah Gold Champion Yearling Filly  D Reem Gold Champion Mare  D khattaf Gold Champion Stallion  D Rannan Silver Champion Yearling Colt     

Sharjah Arabian Horse Festival, LOCAL BRED 2016

Like always , Dubai Arabian Horse Stud   end   up   with   the  lion's   share . Three Gold Titles , one silver & one bronze go for :    D Wasayef as Gold Champion Yearling Filly  D Shireen as Gold Champion Junior Filly D Khattaf as Gold Champion Stallion  D Rannan Silver Champion Yearling Colt  D Thoraya Bronze Champion Mare.  DUBAI STUD .. "BORN TO LEAD ... BRED TO EXCEL"

World Arabian Horse Championship 2016, Paris

There is no doubt that the World Arabian Horse Championship is  the world’s leading event for the most beautiful purebred horses, But It was the day for Dubai Stud's Superstars who worthily snatched the highest honor  " World Champions" D Ajayeb the World Gold Champion Yearling Filly & Best Head . D Seraj the World Gold Champion Yearling Colt . Royal Colours Proudly The World Platinum Champion Stallion . That is not all , Dubai Arabian Horse Stud Was Winner Best Owner & Breeder Award &  Best Breeder In The world Award and above all Award Winner as The First Stud Farm Gains The Biggest Number of Gold Titles  in the World for the year 2016 . Also The Mare Ladi Veronika

Sharjah Arabian Horse Festival, Straight Egyptian 2016

Sharjah Arabian Horse Festival for Straight Egyptian 2016, was the opening for the local show season 2016 - 2017  showing a promising future for the Dubai stud distinctive  horses in the upcoming Shows. four Precious titles was proudly gained by :   D Omnia as Gold Champion Mare ( More than 3 years ) D Haydar as Silver Champion Stallion ( More than 3 years ) D Afaf as Bronze Champion Mare ( More than 3 Years ) D Atallah as Bronze Champion Colt (0 and 3 years ) Just stay- tuned ... the best is yet to come ..


It is the first time in the history of the All Nations Cup Championship that one farm earns three gold titles at once. The Dubai Stud Horses proudly achieved three gold titles  by D Ajayeb as Gold Champion Yearling Filly, D Seraj as Gold Champion Yearling Colt and finally Elle Flamenca as Gold Champion Junior Filly. The  distinctive performance of Dubai stud Gold champions in All Nation Cup 2016 showed a very promising future crowned with gold for the breeding program of Dubai Stud.  

Vichy - International B-Show 2016, France

Proudly Two Golds & One Silver go for  D Jawaher as Gold Champion Yearling Filly & Most Beautiful Head as well as Best in Show  D Nawal as Gold Champion Senior Mare & and Best in Show  D Masah  as Silver Champion Yearling Filly 

West Coast Cup - Int. Arabian Masters 2016, Koksijde , Belgium

D Aseelah Gold Champion Yearling Filly & Best in show D Haneen Bronze Champion Yearling Filly  D Yamamah Bronze Champion Junior Filly  Dubai Arabian Horse Stud won Best Breeder Award  


  Dubai Arabian horse stud flying so high, blazing brightly in Menton 2016 ، snatching  half of the Gold and the awards  of the Show , D Ajayeb first in the yearling class and Gold Champion Yearling Filly and winner the best filly in the female category from 1 year upwards Award. Elle Flamenca, first in class and Gold Champion Junior Filly. D Seraj first in class , proudly Gold Champion yearling colt and winner best head award and highest score in the show . D Jawaher, first in class and the Bronze Champion Yearling Filly . but that is not all , Ladi Veronica won the award of best productive mare . Finally Dubai Arabian horse stud was deservedly awarded by the Best Breeder Award.


D Ghaneemah Gold Champion Yearling filly D Yamamah Silver Champion Jonior Filly  D Nawal Silver Champion Senior Mare  D Haneen Bronze Champion Yearling Filly