World Arabian Horse Championship 2016, Paris

There is no doubt that the World Arabian Horse Championship is  the world’s leading event for the most beautiful purebred horses, But It was the day for Dubai Stud's Superstars who worthily snatched the highest honor  " World Champions"

D Ajayeb the World Gold Champion Yearling Filly & Best Head .

D Seraj the World Gold Champion Yearling Colt .

Royal Colours Proudly The World Platinum Champion Stallion .

That is not all , Dubai Arabian Horse Stud Was Winner Best Owner & Breeder Award &  Best Breeder In The world Award and above all Award Winner as The First Stud Farm Gains The Biggest Number of Gold Titles  in the World for the year 2016 .

Also The Mare Ladi Veronika was Award Winner as The Best Productive Mare in The World For the year 2016 

Congratulations  DUBAI STUD ...