Abu Dhabi International Arabian horse Championship 2014

September 6th, 2015

D HEBA  Unanimous GOLD Champion Yearling Filly 

August 31st, 2015
Egyptian Event Europe, Lanaken 2015

D Omnia Silver Champion Filly  D Feryal Bronze Champion Filly    And proudly, Dubai Arabian Horse Stud crowned as the Best Breeder in the world 

August 3rd, 2015
West Coast Cup 2015

Proudly two Gold titles and one Silver title go for Dubai Arabian Horse stud outstanding and beautiful arabian horses.  D Safana Gold Champion Yearling Filly  D Reem Gold Champion Mare and Best Head  D Karrar  Silver Champion Yearling Colt and Best in the show    That is not all , Dubai Arabian Horse stud is titled as the Best Breeder For the second consecutive year.

Thrilling strong competition &  Great spectacular winning for Dubai Arabian horse stud in  Abu Dhabi International Arabian horse championship 2014.

Triple Gold Champions, The  Surprising D Khattaf  the yearling colt's first gold  at his first show . D Shahla ,as always, crowned with gold , The Gold Champion  yearling filly of coksijde 2013  &   junior filly Gold Champion of Ajman show 2014 is a proudly Gold Champion junior filly of the show . And last but not least the legend Fa El Rasheem , Gold Champion colt Citta Di Castello 2014, shines again as a Gold Champion Colt in the show.