March 4th, 2016
Sharjah International Arabian Horse Championship 2016

Exclusively three Golds and one Silver titles deservedly snatched by Dubai Stud Beautiful horses with their stunning performance ..  D Jawaher Gold Champion Yearling Filly. Elle Flamenca Gold Champion Filly. D Khattaf Gold Champion Colt . D Maraksh Silver Champion Stallion .   Very well done Dubai Stud ... 

March 1st, 2016
UAE National Championship 2015

Champions :  D Seraj Gold champion yearling male. D Yara Silver Champion Yearling Female. D Safana Silver Champion Junior Female.

March 1st, 2016
Abu Dhabi International Arabian horse Championship 2016

Champions :  D Ajayeb Gold Champion Yearling Filly D Seraj Gold Champion Yearling Colt D Jawaher Bronze Champion Yearling Filly D Aasef Bronze Champion Colt.

The Most Beautiful Arabian Horses in the World

About Us

Since its inception in 2007, Dubai Arabian Horse Stud fast became one of the world’s most successful Straight Egyptian and Pure Bred horse farms.

Dubai Arabian Horse Stud has left their mark on International Arabian horse shows, producing Champion after Champion and gaining respect from around the world, as leaders in the industry.

Managed, by Mohammed Al Tawheedi and Abdelaziz Al Marzooqi, they acquired top quality horses that have enhanced Dubai Stud, both in the show arena and their breeding programs.

Creating good relationships with many breeders and studs around the world, with their support, Dubai Stud is making important contributions to the growth of breeding worldwide.

After measured steps and great planning, in 2009, Dubai Stud introduced Embryo Transfers to their breeding program. They have since seen the benefit from this amazing technology and have been using this in the breeding programs ever since, producing some of the most beautiful Arabian horses, and no doubt more Champions. When you think about Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, there is no doubt that their slogan rings true –

Born to Lead...Bred to Excel